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For three and a half decades, Belgium’s Roger Ambroos has managed to run the household, bring up his two sons, go to work, and produce music parallely. The parts dealing with family, household and work shall not be belittled or forgotten, nevertheless this text is not about them. Instead, it is the music made by Roger Ambroos from Hasselt that shall be in the spotlight here. The singer and songwriter plays Classic Rock, Neil Young Tributes, Blues, Funk, and more. As a little introduction to what that may sound like, here is the 2021 single „What the Flute“:

Take Fve

„What the Flute“ contains the two tracks ‚Work in Progress‘ and ‚Hmbf!‘. Although both of them are independent in character, they share a collective vibe. It is that cinematic and positive movement that lets you let yourself go with the flow. On every other beat you want to say „yeah!“ and wiggle closer to the dancefloor. The sound sof „What the Flute“ are motivating, funky, and truly cool.

The five-minute sonic journey to the most beautiful edges of a lonesome highway contain flute, guitars, bass, drums and keyboards – all played and recorded by Roger Ambroos. And if there is something standing out of this relaxed Funk and Blues tune then it is the Jethro Tullian flute. Truly, a masterpiece of honest music.
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For over three decades, singer-songwriter Roger Ambroos has been writing songs and entertaining audiences. Known for his energetic, passionate and versatile performances, he has established himself as a music icon in his local city of Hasselt in Belgium. Influenced by artists from Neil Young to Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Beatles, Ambroos has a unique sound and appeals to audiences of all ages. This is my introduction to Ambroos but he has been turning heads for years with the press singing praises. One of the more recent additions to his discography is the single ‘I Still Can Remember’.

Released in mid-2022, ‘I Still Can Remember’ follows his track ‘The Other Side Of The Moon’ – a psychedelic rock tune lying somewhere between The Who and Depeche Mode. Regularly taking us on a nostalgic journey to the 70s and 80s with his music, ‘I Still Can Remember’ is no different. Yet, while there is a nostalgic flair, this single differs greatly from its predecessor moving from psychedelic rock to soft, soothing folk.

Acoustic-inspired, Roger Ambroos brings us a simplistic, cinematic song combining an acoustic guitar, soft drums and his dulcet vocals. Rich, full-bodied and charming, listening to ‘I Still Can Remember’ is like receiving a warm, comfortable hug from Ambroos. Interestingly enough, while there is a warmth in the melody, a melancholic quality elegantly represents the vulnerability of the singer. Truly capturing human fragility with his personal lyricism, Ambroos represents the inner turmoil felt by “an unexpected relationship breakup”.

Self-recorded and produced, the Belgian multi-instrumentalist gives us a delicate, heartfelt and tender single with ‘I Still Can Remember’.

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Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to Roger Ambroos’ latest single, I Still Can Remember.

Roger Ambroos, from Belgium, has been a working musician since 1987, trying to write and record songs in between household chores. The whole songwriting, recording, and production is done alone in his improvised home studio. I Still Can Remember is a song about an unexpected relationship breakdown.

The song fades in slowly with a cavernous kick drum and tambourine. A picked guitar joins the mix and immediately displays Roger’s technical ability. The guitar is warm, expertly played and reminiscent of a John Prine or Simon and Garfunkel song.

Lyrically, this is an emotional song. The line “happiness is not meant for me” conjures up a picture and is a great example of an authentic Americana/Folk/ Country lyric.

Roger’s voice has some superb vibrato in it and he holds his long notes with interest and ease. There’s just a touch of twang in the vocal to appeal to country music fans, and the whole song has a mournful but positive simple feel.

I Still Can Remember would sit well on a playlist alongside John Prine or the Notting Hillbillies and we feel that Roger would do well to be sending this track out to internet folk radio stations. We also feel that this is a track which would be well suited to being played in the background of a TV drama during an emotional scene. We would urge Roger to seek out licensing opportunities.

Ideas from our ears

A couple of EQ cuts around 220Hz and 520Hz in the vocal track would reduce some occasional ‘muddy’ and ‘honky’ tones. A small low shelf boost in the bottom 3 octaves would increase the warmth in the track too. Finally, since the track is fairly quiet and the guitar is not as high in the mix as the vocals are, a compressor set for up to around 6-8dB of gain reduction followed by the same amount of make-up gain would reduce the peaks in the vocal as well as adding extra warmth and raising the overall volume in the track to match similar releases. As far as the arrangement of this track is concerned, we feel that this song would benefit from the addition of some harmonies in the choruses and perhaps an extra instrument or additional percussion in the second verse to keep the listener engaged. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

I Still Can Remember is a gentle acoustic guitar-led track with some high-quality playing and a warm and inviting slightly country-tinged vocal. Definitely a song for fans of John Prine, Notting Hillbillies, and gentle Americana.


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Roger Ambroos’s musical style changes with the season.

The Belgium-based multi-instrumentalist, artist, and singer-songwriter has often showcased his zeal for revitalizing conventional musical constructs.

Music is the way he shares his joy. And having busked the streets of Hasselt for many years, his will to play and create quickly made him a local favorite.

Roger Ambroos released Work in Progress as part of a double single, What The Flute, in 2021, with Hmbf! on the b-side. And as the title suggests, both tracks have a pronounced flute presence, edged by glowing basslines, growling riffs, and amazing beats.


The track carries the dynamic restlessness of becoming. Using ruminative and glum guitar melodies, the artist depicts inactivity and stagnation; contrasting it with the flourishing smoothness, and playfulness of the flute melodies. He uses both acoustic and synthetic flute sounds to create lavish and vibrant accents against the rocky soundscape. And before you know it, you’re swept away by the surmounting energy.


His musical act is versatile, branching into multiple genres like classic rock, pop, country, blues, and folk. With each release, you never know what you’re gonna get, which forms a major part of his appeal. And the effortlessness with which he crafts such magnetic and affecting compositions not only speaks to his virtuosic skill but expounds on his love for the art.


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Roger Ambroos has released their collection ‘What The Flute’ which consists of two tracks, infusing the sound of funk and soul-rock to create these insane pieces. Now, as it immerses you into this rather groovy sound that seeps on through, making sure to really push through that distinct sound that Roger himself portrays. Definitely letting that sound of the flute take the lead as it collides against these funky beats.

Work in Progress’ begins with these hard taps as it immerses into these thrilling guitar riffs that come through, then in comes the slightly more electronic sound. Having these rather techno-style beats that seep on through, making sure to let everything flow together. As everything begins to collide, ensuring that, the mesmerising sound of the flute comes through in the best way.

‘Hmbf!!’ begins with this rather distorted effect that comes through, as it immerses into these insane guitar riffs and light taps. As the groovy sound of the flute takes over, with slightly more distorted sounds throughout this piece, steering away a little from the techno-style as much that you heard in the first piece.

These tracks are certainly ones to delve into, if you haven’t done so already. Really bringing in this fresh and upbeat sound using a variety of different instruments to do so. Definitely, two pieces that flow really well against one another also. Letting this fantastic sound shine on through from start to finish.

‘What The Flute’ is a brilliant array of tracks, keeping this rather distinct sound flowing from start to finish. If this is the type of music you enjoy, then this is something to delve into for sure. It hooks you in within an instant and continues to do so, be sure to check out if you haven’t done so already!

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Emisiunea Muzica Europei Brussels Ed. 215, interviu Roger Ambroos

In november 2019 was ik te gast bij de Roemeense internet TV-zender Muzica Europei / Music Europe
Hier is de link naar mijn interview (Roemeens/engels)